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THIS is what shut down the World Economy???

I recently fell ill for about a week. Two people close to me “caught it” a few days later. I won’t bore you with symptomatic details, but based on what I have read in the Fake News, I am assuming I had Covid, or simply a flu bug. In summary, I felt lousy for about a week, and I took some antibiotics and Tylenol just to feel better as I had a vacation planned during this time. By the way, this is exactly how I feel about once every year or two when I get “sick” with a cold or flu or whatever.

One of the others felt lousy for about three weeks, and actually lost their taste and smell for a week, a symptom which rumor has it is an indication of the dreaded, world-ending, Covid-19 virus. Big whoop!

Now I read that an Israeli study states that “natural immunity” is TEN TIMES BETTER than the vaccine to fight Covid. Also I read that Israel, one of the “most-vaxxed” countries in the world, has a very high Covid infection rate at this moment.

I am honestly very bothered that the entire world is trying to be shut down over a big nothing-burger like this. Remember, old and sick people die every year, with or without flu, Covid, or whatever. And I read that the figure of the world’s “total deaths” for 2020 is about the same level as the previous several years.

I feel bad for the businesses that have been devastated by shut-downs that in my opinion should never have happened. I don’t believe that science was followed. And as far as the vaccine goes, what ever happened to the feminists yelling “My body, my choice?” If the vaccine is so good and you have taken it, why do you care who else has taken it?

I hereby announce that the “BS” variant has arrived, and it is a doozie!

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