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If you want to safely and securely grow lifetime income through retirement, work with a trusted retirement planner. Proper retirement planning can help you balance your portfolio and reach long-term financial goals more easily. As an experienced retirement advisor and tax preparer in Chico, CA, I am able to assist you with insurance and investment vehicles for your peace of mind. Let me help you with planning today.

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I am a licensed California insurance agent and annuity specialist. I will provide you with expert advice on investment opportunities and help you find a stream of income during retirement. My goal is to help you find the right solution for your long-term financial needs. My knowledge and professional resources are here to help you.

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Learn more about retirement and annuities by reaching out to my firm in Chico, CA today. With the guidance of a retirement planning professional, you can find out how to maximize savings for the future. Give me a call today to begin planning!

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