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The U.S. dollar might be dying, don’t let your investments die with it. With the help of a financial consultant, you can find out what financial investments are appropriate for your particular situation. Investing is a process that involves strategic planning to reach long-term financial goals. I am a CPA in Chico, CA, with three decades of experience assisting clients with their financial decisions. Let me be your financial consultant!

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As a CPA with a law degree, you can use my experience to get a second opinion on anything financial. If I am not the perfect person to advise you on a topic, I can steer you to someone who is. My goal is to guide you in the right direction to accomplish your goals.

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With the help of a professional and experienced business consultant and accountant, you can feel more confident in your investment decisions. Let me help you develop the best strategy for your financial needs. Call today if you need help in the Chico, CA area!

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