Frequently Asked Questions

Get all of your questions answered here! Read some of my most frequently asked questions below, or give me a call today. I am here to assist you with any of your financial and tax needs! My areas of expertise include Business Tax Services, Investments, and Retirement/Annuities.

How much does it cost to prepare my income tax return?

Tax returns vary from simple to highly complex. I offer a free initial consultation to assess what type of tax return preparation help you need. The fees will be based on the amount of time and expertise required. You will know the approximate fee amount before the work begins.

How long will it take to prepare my tax returns?

Similar to the previous question, all income tax returns require different work. When feasible, you will be given an approximate completion date when we begin the work on your tax returns. Every effort will be made to deliver the finished product on time.

Do you guarantee I won’t be audited?

The IRS can examine any tax return for any reason. Nobody can guarantee the IRS will not review your return. But based on my experience, very few properly prepared returns end up being audited. The professional manner in which I will prepare your return ensures the minimum risk of a change if the return is selected for audit.

Why shouldn’t I just take my tax return to a national chain that advertises on radio and television?

It’s a free country, and you can choose any tax preparation service you want. But in my experience, they do not offer CPA level tax service, and I have noticed that their fees are not necessarily much lower than the fee you would pay an experienced CPA like myself.

How do I contact you?

You can call me at or send an email to I offer a free initial phone consultation so that you know you are bringing your confidential information to the right professional.

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