Be Careful What I Wish For

I am enjoying watching gold set new record high prices lately, though in reality the value of gold never changes, it is just the currency that the gold price is being measured against depreciating in value.

But I still get a kick knowing that my prediction for gold over the past 15 years or so is finally becoming apparently to fruition. But is that really a good thing? Not for everyone.

For those who are not prepared for the coming rapid depreciation of “fiat currencies” of which the dollar is merely one, they will find that their purchasing power will be declining, while “prices go up” due to “inflation.” But the true definition of inflation is not higher prices, it is the bloating of the money supply by reckless governments which never met a spending plan they didn’t like.

I have been recommending you purchase “money insurance” in the form of physical gold and silver in your own possession as a hedge against the very real possibility of the dollar returning to its intrinsic value, which is zero.

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