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Invisible disasters, unprovable evidence, irrational fear.

Being All Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween, I was thinking about the Invisible Man and how that character has been made out to be pretty scary in books and movies. Why is something invisible potentially scary? Perhaps because we can’t see what it is doing. But if we can’t see, hear, feel, or smell what something is doing, does it matter that it is even there? 

It seems to me that many of the “disasters” of our modern world that put fear into people and coincidentally also put lots of money into certain other people’s pockets seem to always be of the “Invisible Man” nature. Scary things like carbon footprint emissions, global warming over the next 30 years, Covid 19 viruses and solar flares all fit into this category. 

We get told this invisible disaster is here, but only the “experts” can measure it and then relay to us on the TV news how bad it is. Why can’t it be locusts that we can all see, or tornados that we can all run away from? 

I encourage you to think hard about the fearful “Invisible Man” disasters that we keep being told are going to change our world forever, that cause us to shut down our lives in order to counter them, and enrich the powers that be at the same time. Might they be just fabrications? 

Wouldn’t that wake you up? 

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