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Income Tax – The Law That Never Was?

My studies of Constitutional Law included the rule that in order to amend the constitution, it would take a legitimate (proper) vote of three fourths of all the states “ratifying” the amendment, exactly as written. That sounds very logical and straightforward, right?

But regarding one of the least popular amendments, (least popular among the people, that is, the bureaucrats love it!) good old number XVI, Sweet 16, the income tax amendment, there is an amazing book by a man named Bill Benson called, “The Law That Never Was.”

Below I have a Wikipedia link for more basic info, but as usual, Wikipedia is edited by the same people who run everything else in the information world, so please read their arguments with a jaundiced eye. I believe Benson actually got all certified copies from all the then 48 states’ capitols at the time, and sent a complete certified giant copy file to every senator, representative, and federal judge in the land.

As usual, he gets pictured as a crackpot by Wikipedia, but I, for one, while it is still legal to have an alternate opinion from Wikipedia, Google and the like, choose to believe what I have read, and that the entire basis for the income tax was never passed legitimately.

As a CPA in good standing I will of course keep filing my taxes and my clients’ taxes according to the “law,” such that it is, but I can still voice my opinion that the 16th amendment is likely and truly “The Law That Never Was.

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